BP Sports Law is a Swiss boutique law firm providing services covering all areas of sports law


Contract & Business Law


  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements, in particular:
    • transfer and employment agreements
    • sponsorship and media rights agreements
    • image rights and merchandising agreements
  • Negotiation and drafting of hosting agreements for sports events
  • Legal advice on the registration and protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights for sports organizations and events
  • Implementation of commercial rights protection programs at sporting events and strategies against ambush marketing
  • Legal advice in the tender processes and submission of bids for commercial rights related to sports organizations and events
  • Legal advice and representation of financial investors in sport


Dispute Resolution & Arbitration


  • Legal advice and representation of athletes, officials, clubs and sports organizations involved in:
    • disciplinary and ethics proceedings
    • anti-doping proceedings
    • contractual disputes
  • Appointment as Arbitrator in sports-related disputes at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)


Good Governance


  • Drafting and reviewing of statutes, regulations, and internal policies for sports organizations
  • Advice on electoral process for office bearers and integrity checks of candidates running for office
  • Drafting and reviewing of whistleblower policies and implementation of reporting mechanisms
  • Advice and reviewing of organizational structures of sports organizations and advice on their compliance with the highest good governance standards
  • Advice and representation in setting up and registering sports organization’s headquarters or affiliated entities in Switzerland




  • Independent investigations into ethics and disciplinary breaches by individuals and legal entities
  • Advice and support to the secretariat (gathering of evidence, deposition of individuals and drafting of reports) regarding proceedings in front of judicial bodies of sports organizations




  • Advice in risk and crisis management
  • Advice in the development of a vision and mission for sports organizations
  • Advice in electoral campaigns for candidates running for office in sports organizations